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The Herbalife Distributor Application site allows a prospective Distributor to:

  • Apply online
  • Get your Distributor ID and PIN code online and gain immediate access to
  • Be able to immediately place orders – without delays
  • Be able to Purchase Herbalife Products @ 25%, 35% and 50% below Retail Price.
  • Start Using Herbalife Products
  • Resell Herbalife Products to Others @ 100% Retail Price.
  • Distributor – is a person, who is registered as a Herbalife Distributor. Being registered as a distributor does not oblige the person to in reality distribute. It only signifies that the person is registered on the Herbalife computer database and so is qualified to receive a 25% discount on all purchases. 
  • Herbalife products® are available exclusively through Herbalife independent distributors only.
Few Simple Steps:
Go to The Herbalife Distributor Application site * and complete the Sponsor Information
  • Please select your Country of Residence* and Language
  • Enter Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number:       
  • First 3 letters of Sponsor's Last Name:       
 Select "NO" in "Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?"
 Complete the application
  • Fill in personal information
  • Choose PIN code
  • Agree to terms
Choose and purchase an International Business Pack
  •  This professional kit contains all the information and forms you need to get started.