Herbalife Member Pack

The Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) has been updated to reflect some of the most recent changes Herbalife has made to better define some of the key terminology, in addition to highlight the Herbalife commitment to providing the Gold Standard in consumer protection.

What’s new?
  1. Member Application & Agreement now replaces the Distributor Application. This change is to update the application to reflect Herbalife new terminology and to add the Gold Standard guarantees which we ask all new Members to acknowledge and return to Herbalife in order to activate their Membership.
  1. The Rules of Conduct (IBO book 3) has been updated.
  1. Herbalife has added a leaflet on the Gold Standard so all new Members can familiarise themselves with the Herbalife commitment to consumer protection.
  1. Herbalife also updated the name from International Business Pack (IBP), to Herbalife Member Pack (HMP).
Please note: if you already have IBPs which you have previously ordered, you can still use these to sponsor new Members.

There is no change to the price or SKU for the Herbalife Member Pack.

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