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Herbalife Products

Herbalife's dietary programs help you to lose or gain weight, enhance your fitness levels, and build up bulk and muscle. There are also nutritious health products for youngsters, as well as formulas that meet the needs of mature adults such as cardiovascular health, best eyesight, or support for the prostate.
By combining the best of nature with advanced science, Herbalife is at the forefront of maximizing your personal health...

Herbalife Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the main problems that most people are facing all over the world. Thus, losing weight is the dream of every third person if not the second. Weight loss not only improves the figure but also protects us from numerous diseases that otherwise we will get from obesity. As people are becoming conscious about their health, the demand for weight loss products is increasing day by day. Herbalife is a company that deals in providing nutritious food products and food supplements to people that will definitely help them to lose weight and build a healthy lifestyle. I am going to provide you the full diet plan of Herbalife for weight loss. 

The moment you wake up each day

In the morning when you wake up from the lovable dreams and open your eyes, start your day by taking a cup of herbal tea. Its name is Herbal Beverage Tea and you can take it hot or cold as per your choice. This morning tea will provide you the energy for your whole day. You will be amazed to know the number of calories that you will burn with one cup of herbal Beverage Tea.

Herbalife Breakfast

You should take your breakfast after one hour of drinking Herbal Beverage Tea. In your breakfast you will take the following items:
·        Two spoonfuls of Herbalife formula1 shake
·        Soy milk- one scoop (it will measure 18g)
·        Fat-free Bulgarian- 100ml
·        Protein-5g
·        1 glass of water 

Herbalife Lunch

For lunch, you have to take two heaps of Formula 1 shake. You will take it with 250ml Soy milk (18g); 100 ml of yogurt which should be fat-free and will measure 5g; and one cup of Herbal Beverage.  Though this meal is prepared for lunch you can take this meal 3 times a day to have more benefits. It will help you to raise your metabolism and will also provide the required amount of energy to your body.

Herbalife Snacks

·        At snack time, you can take anyone fruit with one protein. There is strict instruction that both these items should be eaten together. You can take this snack at 10am.
·        You should take your second snack between 3-4 pm. At this time you can take the Instant Herbal Beverage tea, either hot or cold. It will boost your calorie burning. You can take any fruit and protein with this beverage. You should avoid taking this snack after 4pm, especially drink otherwise you will not fall asleep at night. 

Herbalife Dinner

Your dinner should mainly include vegetables and salad. These vegetables can be cooked, grilled, or steamed as per your choice. You can eat meat, omelet, salad, or something else which contains up to a maximum of 30g protein and should not contain fat. After your dinner, you are going to hit the sack and there will be no workout for burning calories, so, you should avoid overeating. Along with avoiding overeating, you should also avoid sleeping hungry. 


Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife, Explains the importance of daily and regular exercise and good fitness to a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Daily and Regular physical Exercise is one of the most important things for your health. It assists

  • v  Control weight

  • v  Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

  • v  Lower risk of heart disease

  • v  Lower risk of cancers

  • v  Improve mental health and mood

  • v  Strengthen bones and muscles

  • v  Increase chances of living longer

  • v  Improve ability to do daily activities and prevent falls, of an older adult.

Scheduling regular exercise into a daily routine seems difficult at the beginning. However, even ten minutes at a time is fine. The key is to find the appropriate exercise for you. Exercise should be fun and match your capabilities.

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